The Brand-Space Connection

An innovative approach for branding business, retail and image space

Organizations and businesses invest considerable resources in meticulous architectural design at points of sales and service at visitors’ centers and company headquarters. However, in the competitive environment where brand is king, spectacular design is not enough. The space that serves as point of intersection with the company’s customers, employees, suppliers and investors must be an integral part of the brand identity that they serve and completely reflect its values.

Give your brand the space it needs

Brands have become an integral part of our lives. Every brand carries with it values that are identified with it and are expressed at all points of intersection with the target population it is addressing. However, in many cases, the deep identification between the brand and the values it represents, does not succeed in being expressed at stores, service centers, visitor centers, company offices and the daily meeting points between the brand and the customer population, the suppliers, the potential employees and the investors.

These spaces, whose architectural design does not support the brand’s values create an immediate dissonance among the visitors and shatter the cohesive image of the brand in their awareness. Here is where the Brand-Space Connection approach enters the picture. This approach was exclusively developed by the Contact Branding Company and has been successfully implemented with its clients.

From a ‘Branded Space’ to a Space that is a Brand

As part of the Brand-Space Connection, Contact has implemented the characteristics and values of the brand on a new three dimensional platform, where physical connections and multi-sensory contexts between customers and the messages that were defined in advance, when planning the space. This marketing-branding philosophy, together with the architectural design of the space, creates a powerful ‘branding energy’ that influences visitors to the space in a conscious and subconscious manner and strengthens their awareness of the brand’s values.

Branding Work Spaces – Energy for Success

In many cases, work spaces and offices are a byproduct of ‘proper’ and functional architectural planning, designed to execute the required work. Consequently, many start-ups equipped with the desired brand, operate in gloomy and dismal work spaces, which do not use the language of brand values – as they are perceived in the outside world. Using Contact’s Brand-Space Connection approach, the work space that hosts employees, suppliers, customers and investors on a daily basis, will be planned and designed to completely correlate with the brand’s values and will become an inspirational platform that will serve as a continual reminder of the spirit of the brand. The work space will reflect the brand’s personality, will help visitors experience the energy of the activity, contribute to the reciprocal growth process and focus the employees and managers on the organization’s objectives and goals.

For example – the work environment – the definition of working in an open and collaborative space defines the organizational culture with a focus on the idea of collaboration, fostering a mentality of ‘we’re all in this together’ which makes the any company larger than the sum of its parts, based on the WEME model.

Branding Retail Points of Sale – Experience that propels action

Consumers do not buy products. Consumers buy brands.

Implementation of the Brand-Space Connection at the retail points of sale creates complete identification between the brand’s perceived values in the mass media and in the mind of the consumer and the customer’s purchase experiences at the points of sale. This synergy connects the consumer to the brand and its values, and at the moment of truth, it propels him into action.

Visitors’ Centers – Multi-sensory Experience and Pride

Based on the Brand-Space Connection approach, the visitors’ centers are designed to provide the visitors with an unforgettable multi-sensory experience, which reinforces the loyalty of existing customers, encourages new customers to join the relevant target populations and contributes to a sense of pride among the organization’s employees in ‘their’ brand.

Walls that ‘talk’ about brands

A branded wall in the work spaces or at the points of sale is a very effective media method used to introduce the brand’s values to the target population and to etch marketing messages into its awareness. The process of creating a branded wall using the Brand-Space Connection begins with a profound marketing understanding of the brand and its market and the characterization of the target population it is targeting: potential customers, recruiting quality employees, or locating investors. At the end of the process, the wall ‘speaks’ in the name of the brand and relays messages that support the brand’s values and goals to its audience.

Does your office space or points of intersection with your customers serve as a ‘black hole’ that wastes your company’s branding energy? Contact us and together we will assimilate your brand in the existing space.

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