Kaminario (Silk)

Office design

Design concept: memories

At the base of office design, we want the brand's spirit to inspire -- in other words, we make the walls speak! And tell the brand’s story. Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel García Márquez wrote that "Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers it."  This sentiment guided us, Contact Branding Company, through the process of designing the company's offices. After designing the headquarters offices in Israel, we went on to design the its offices in Boston. Danny, the company's founder and CEO, told YNET: "The offices convey something different, which belongs to us!" A concept linking all our global branches, but at the same time leaving room for the collective memories of employees from each branch, so it is not surprising that the branches have much in common. But at the same time, the walls in the USA are decorated with baseball and football players, Marilyn Monroe, a diner, a Harley Davidson, while those In Israel contain local memories.

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