Civil Service Commission

The branding process began with in-depth personal interviews, including with the Commissioner, and we led focus groups with a long series of officials. At the core of the discussion was the question: How do we change the existing perception of approximately 75,000 public service employees, both towards themselves and towards the environment? The goal was to formulate a branding concept according to which a public servant, in the deepest sense of the word, constitutes value to the country –expressing a culture of mission. Existing perceptions were analyzed versus those aspired to, the existing brand versus the brand aspired to, and an analysis of the value pyramid was undertaken while deciding on the goal of moving from an ego system to an ecosystem. We expressed the brand story and determined the slogan: Setting you up high. The idea is to take the word "commission" and make it accessible in verb form and with high positioning. A branding process was undertaken that included designing a new logo with an attached slogan. A brand language was created with a brand tone that expresses experience and confidence, inspires pride, relies on solid and established planning, while at the same time being exciting, fresh, energetic, contemporary, with a friendly and accessible communication style, as well as consolidating all the logos of each unit in the Commission under one strong logo. The logo was designed by connecting between iconic symbols -- the state emblem, people, a ripple effect symbolizing the circles of influence, and the letter "nun" creating a high point that serves the message of the leading slogan. A color combination was created consisting of blue, symbolizing the state, and orange conveying human warmth. On the occasion of the logo's launch we produced a film that tells the new story of the Commission, explains the new design line and reveals the new brand language.

For the launch video>> Civil Service Commission

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