Interior Design? Branding? Architectural Design? Contact organizes your workspace design questions.

Interior Design? Branding? Architectural Design? Contact organizes your workspace design questions.

If the look of your workspace is becoming boring, feels antiquated, does not reflect your company’s and brand’s spirit, fails to drive employees to action and does not keep up with the changes in today’s competitive markets – it’s time to rebrand your office workspace.

Where should you begin, though? With an architect? An interior designer? Maybe with a branding company?

Contact Branding and Advertising organizes your workspace design questions.

Business Spaces as Branding Platforms

Many of us found ourselves more than once visiting the offices of a renowned brand only to find ourselves wandering the hallways of functional yet cold spaces, light years away from the glitzy image of the brand.

Luckily, however, in recent years business owners and managers realized that the space where they operate is much more than just walls and furniture. With the right branding, any space can become an excellent platform for empowering the brand, employees, customers and partners, creating an environment filled with positive energy, where there’s complete harmony between the look of the space and the atmosphere it projects and the brand’s values.

How do you jumpstart a workspace branding and design project?

“Many companies now appreciate the importance of branding a business’ workspace,” says Irit Keren, Joint-CEO, Contact Branding and Advertising. “Yet, they find it difficult to jumpstart the process because they don’t understand it completely and don’t know who are the professionals that should lead it. Should they contact an architect? An interior designer? A branding company? It’s difficult for them to see the forest for the trees.”

When is the architect the right professional for the job?

When the change is in the structure or construction of a building or space, when the space has to be distributed or redistributed using walls or separators, or when changes have to be made to ceilings or floors, the architect is essential. They are also indispensable when you’re going into a new space that needs design from the ground up. “In many cases,” says Irit, “the branding company, which identifies the need, links between the client and the architect once the concept has been consolidated.”

When will you call an interior designer?

“When the space and its distribution cannot be changed and you still want to ‘dress’ it, when you want to revamp it with new furniture or stylish fabrics, the interior designer will be the person that will work with the branding company after the concept has been defined. The designer receives from the branding company a visual concept for the space,” adds Irit Keren. “They make changes to the space using design items and furniture, help choose and order equipment for each area, design the lighting and storage solutions, the reception desks, displays and more.”

And when is the branding company the one that leads the workspace renewal project?

Workspace branding is a specialization that can change the environment and atmosphere of an office from end to end. In most cases, workspace branding takes place in those offices in which the building already has a design but lacks a visual language. These were usually decorated ‘on the go’ for functional reasons, or as a result of individual initiatives. In these cases, when the project does not entail tearing down walls, replacing furniture or the like, a workspace branding company is the place to go. It will help you translate the message, vision and DNA of your brand and company into a visual concept that will etch the brand’s values in the minds of your employees, vendors, customers, business partners and investors alike.

“The concept of ‘talking walls’ that we developed here at Contact,” continues Irit, “brings the power of the brand to the office’s walls and is expressed in all spaces – lobby, conference rooms, offices, open spaces, and signs. This synergy creates an unforgettable brand experience in both employees and visitors. Despite the breathtaking effect of workspace branding, its costs are very reasonable thanks to the intelligent use of special wallpaper, 3D elements, graffiti, floor and ceiling painting, and more.”

Field Proven

When Contact designs ‘talking walls’, they are always customized according to the preferences of each customer and brand, their tone, and the uniqueness of the product or service. In the end, everything together turns into a single one that conveys a consistent unified message that supports the brand and its image.

Contact’s workspace branding projects.

Soho Air

Soho Air manufactures luxury ceiling fans.

The rotating moving effect of the uniquely designed fans is manifested in the image of a dancer that lends an artistic atmosphere and refreshing environment through her movements. The design combines wallpaper and curtains that continue the wall’s visuals.


Kaminario is engaged in the storage of one of our most precious assets: flash memories. This is the concept we used in the language – collective memories that star in each space and change depending on the location. Kaminario’s memories in Israel are not like the memories of Kaminario in Boston.


This was an amazing joint project with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal, who designed and decorated eight floors in Google’s Tel Aviv offices in the Electra building.

Contact translated the concept into branding that came forth in each space, including curtains and carpets, creating a unique environment that clearly conveys the brand’s philosophy.


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