If Walls Could Talk….

Branding Office Spaces

Companies and institutions invest a great deal of resources in architecture and interior design. Workspaces are the touchpoints with company employees, customers, vendors and investors. As such, they have to be an integral part of the brand identity they serve and fully reflect its values, not only in design or esthetic terms but, primarily, in branding terms.

Walls do talk – What are they saying?

Brands have become an integral part of our lives. Each brand carries values that identify with it, which are reflected in every touchpoint with the audience it targets. Yet, in many cases, the in-depth affinity between the brand and the values it represents fails to be expressed in the offices of the company and in the daily interfaces with employees, customers, vendors, candidates and/or investors.

From a ‘designed space’ to a ‘branded space’

Today’s approach translates the brand and its values into a new three-dimensional platform that creates physical contacts and multisensory contexts between employees and messages carefully prepared in advance, when the space was designed.

Together with the architectural design of the space, this marketing-branding view creates a powerful ‘branding energy’ at a conscious and unconscious level and reinforces the brand’s identity. Think, for example, of an investor that comes to a branded space where the walls are talking to them. What will they feel? Or employees that come to work every morning and the walls ‘greet’ them with creative, relevant messages. Or a company that manages talent and invites candidates to interviews. If they had walls that ‘talk’ the company’s identity, will they want to be part of the organization?

Workspace branding – reality-altering energy

Too often, workspaces and offices are grey and alienating, and don’t ‘speak the language’ of the brand’s values. This is how they are perceived. But a workspace can be functional and inspirational, reflect the brand’s personality and introduce the people in it into a frenzy of activity, contributing to mutual pollination, driving employees and managers to focus on the company’s objectives.

Let’s take, for example, tackle the issue of open space in work environments – yes or no? You can have employees work in open spaces and redefine your company’s culture around the idea of cooperation that fosters a principle of ‘we’re all in this together’. Isn’t the company bigger than the sum of its parts, after all?

Branded walls in workspaces or points of sale are a very effective method to expose the DNA and character of a company and to imprint its marketing messages. Creating a branded wall begins from an in-depth understanding of the company, its brand, the environment where it operates, and the target employees and customers.

At the end of the process, the wall will ‘talk’ the language of the brand, conveying to the people exposed to it messages that support its values and objectives. This is achieved using quotes, sayings, images, icons, colors, shapes and forms. Today, it is a known fact that there is a very close link between a branded workspace and high levels of energy, good mood, loyalty and passion. So check it out. Do your offices convey a high level of brand energy? Surely you invest in marketing materials, a website and campaigns. What about the walls in your offices? What about the face of your organization within?

Lots of space to speak through!

Contact Branding and Advertising specializes in workspace branding. For all our projects, we work hand in hand with an architect that continues the architectural design of the space according to the branding concept. Alternatively, we are invited by architects and interior designers after they establish the concept so that we can ‘revive’ the walls and make them talk the brand uniquely and creatively.

By Irit Keren

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