Digital Image – If You’re Not There, You Don’t Exist

In the shared and sharing world in which we live, having a digital presence is a must, and its impact cannot be overstated. Mobile devices have become crossroads of information, knowledge, decision making, choices, and links. In fact, today, brands exist and live in the digital world, regardless of whether people search for products, services, entertainment, make purchases or simply share information.

Don’t give up on a professional website-building process

The website’s specification process is imperative to ensure that it is suitable for all channels (social media, desktop, mobile devices, etc.). A successful website begins with its specifications, followed by content writing, design and proper programming and code writing for search engines optimization so that all elements convey a powerful and lasting experience. In fact, to ensure success, not only the specifications and design should be ready and approved before the site is built, but it should also be promoted before it is launched.

Talk Responsive

Your design must be responsive so that it can be viewed from any type of device, with emphasis on mobile.

A journey is more than a ski vacation

Map the journey of your visitors so that they move from place to place without falling asleep. Make them visit your pages again and again. Your website must have video clips, visuals, links, galleries, and still be user friendly. It should be easy to navigate, pages should upload easily and visitors should find what they’re looking for with no effort.

When the process is right, you define keywords that help write the right content. Your content should emphasize the core values and personality of your brand, in a marketing-oriented, interesting way that emphasizes the keywords you defined to attract visitors to your pages and remain longer.

Integration, integration, Integration

The perfect recipe for the success of your website relies on integration. Integration between all components and considerations, integration between marketing thought, proper navigation analysis, innovative and user-friendly access to content, search-engine-focused content writing, links to social media, and technology and marketing-oriented programming.

Building a successful website needs top marketing tools that make visitors connect to your brand, prefer it over others, and develop a long-term relationship with it. A good website is a reflection of a dynamic, upbeat company. Good content and categories ensure a constant flow of new and returning visitors and drive to action, driving them to the actions you want, like contacting you, registering as a customer and more.

Measure to know if you’re doing it right

The Internet is an amazing media that enables you to measure, improve and drive your potential customers to action. In the past, the Internet was only used for image building; today, however, it empowers your relationship with the customer, conveys messages and sells. You must take measurements, analyze KPIs, and constantly introduce new content, images, links and other navigation cues so that your website is always current and relevant.

A website is not a platform for life

Technological developments bring digital innovations all the time. The more you update your site with content, the more you have to upgrade your platform so that it does not get old. The older the code, the less effective it will be. So when investing in your brand, you have to invest in innovating and revamping your website every several years. This will also enable you to update your messages, refresh the look and feel, and use a more measurable system that allows more interfaces for optimum results.

By Irit Keren

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