Contact Branding Methodology

Here at Contact we help companies and organizations achieve brand consistency, using a proven methodology that creates strong brands and builds and sustains confidence and trust.

Our strategy offers a 360-degree view of all branding-related aspects in several key layers. All of these work in unison to convey a clear and memorable brand experience for your business.

1. Brand Alignment

You have a corporate and business strategy. But is your brand aligned with that strategy? We work to make sure that internal and external stakeholders understand your brand’s purpose and associate it with the promises it makes potential buyers and customers. In short, we work with you to align your company’s culture, product development and sales and marketing efforts with your values and business strategy.

2. Brand Effectiveness

Once the brand has been defined and all is aligned, we ensure that it drives your corporate presence and growth. The effectiveness of your brand can be measured, and Contact can help you measure whether your brand is engaging and adding value to potential buyers.

3. Brand Growth

We make sure that your brand is flexible and scales together with your corporate growth. We help you stay loyal to your core values over the years and ensure that your customers stay loyal too.

4. Brand Language 

We develop your unique brand language and design so that your corporate identity, concept, values and even walls speak the same language and use the same tone.

5. Brand Fluency

We provide you and your employees with the tools required to adopt and communicate the brand in every touch point with potential buyers and existing customers.

Whether you´re embarking in a new branding project or transforming your existing brand, give us a call. We can help you develop a clear branding strategy for your success.

by: Irit Keren

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