our branding model

concept to action

We believe that the secret of a growing brand lies in synchronizing the branding strategy with the business vision and goals. Integration and analysis of the information will lead to the consolidation of an accurate brand promise and a clear strong brand language.

‘Concept to Action’ is a unique branding model that we developed at Contact.


Branding Research

A joint process with the company’s decision makers: researching, analyzing and understanding the company, the product or the marketing idea.


Branding Workshop

A practical workshop that leads, by means of tools, exercises and methods, to the formulation of the brand and unifies the company’s leaders around a clear brand promise and differentiating point.



Integrating and analyzing the information for the consolidation of the brand promise.



Developing a powerful and retainable brand language with a clear marketing horizon.


Leveraging the brand

Continuous leveraging of the brand by initiating creative promotion ways to increase awareness, loyalty and business results.

Coming together is a beginning,
keeping together is progress,
working together is success.

Henry Ford

why branding with contact?

It all begins and ends with people and the relationship between them…

This is our world view by which we run our lives, both personal and professional. We see ourselves as your fellow travelers throughout all the stages of the process – we get to know you, we talk to you, we share with you, we think How? What? and When? and develop the right brand that suits you and the objectives and goals that you have set yourselves.


In contact we successfully formulate new brands (Branding) and carry out brand transformation for existing brands that wish to undergo a facelift in favor of a significant leap and marketing breakthrough (Re-Branding).

We develop a clear marketing strategy and generate ongoing branding, marketing and advertising solutions that suit your marketing needs.


Building the brand

Branding strategy
  • Branding workshop
  • Study the company
  • Analyze the competitive arena
  • Define the DNA
  • Brand positioning and personality.
  • Element of differentiation and brand assurance.
Branding language
  • Creating a name/slogan.
  • Developing a creative concept.
  • The branding line.
Branding ‘book’
  • Setting branding rules for the various

Incorporating the brand

Brand communication
  • Incorporating the brand vis-à-vis the customer/supplier.
Branding infrastructure
  • The branding space.
  • Building internet websites.
  • Visual commercialization and signs
  • Packaging design

Accompanying the brand

Brand maintenance
  • Marketing materials Marcom
Leveraging the brand
  • Advertising
  • Social media
  • Exhibitions
  • Events

Eli Elul

The Owner and Creative Manager at the Company

With sources of inspiration such as SCUBA diving and music, Eli’s creativeness cuts across boundaries.

For more than two decades, Eli has focused on branding and the creative design of brands excite customers and drive winning creative concepts.

Eli has over 20 years of experience in design, branding and advertising, is a graduate of WIZO – the Academy for Design and Education.


Irit Keren

The Owner and CEO

More than 20 years experience in branding and advertising and full of passion for the profession, with a professional approach and a clear address for conferring in every strategic and marketing decision of the company. Irit Keren is very entwined with her customers and with the marketing arena, understands the customer in depth, as well as the brand and the market forces of the market in which the brand operate and creates a unique brand strategy and ground breaking out of the box thinking.

Irit holds a master degree, cum laude, in mass media trends, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus, and is a graduate of SIT (Systematic Inventive Thinking) studies at Tel Aviv University.

The professional and experienced Contact team successfully accompanies its customers through a compassionate and professional approach putting in an effort and creative thinking that allows each customer to materialize any good idea from the marketing aspect.

The Contact team includes designers, budget managers and customer managers. The team is skilled, experienced and expert in its field and accompanies every customer closely and professionally at all the stages of the life span of the company.

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